Rubber keypads

We can offer the widest selection of single keys and keypads. They are all made of 100% silicone rubber imported from Japan and Taiwan. All units are manufactured with non-toxic elastic silicone rubber compounds that are processed from compression molding. These keypads can then be integrated with switch components, such as printed circuit boards or membrane switches to create a very versatile human to machine interface device.

Silicone rubber keypads are easily-implemented, cost effective, reliable and can produce excellent tactile responsiveness.

We use 100% silicone rubber as base material that matches any color specifications. Silicone rubber comes in hardness of 20 – 80 durometer, though most applications utilize silicone rubber that is between 30 and 70

We are one of the very few manufacturers who can offer a One-stop solution to your membrane switch needs by supplying altogether conductive silicone rubber keypad + membrane switch + alloy or plastic back panel.

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