Color displays

various standard TFT display panels available, consumer as well as industrial or automotive use quality.

we offer high brightness, large viewing cone and also semi-customized panels (special polarizers, customized back-light housing/holders, customized flex connections or optical bonded cover lenses)

Monochrome LCD

Whilst, as a general rule most of the TN cells are offered in 'positive-mode' (black pixel on bright background), we differentiate from STN displays in 'yellow-mode' (blue pixel on yellow-greenish background), 'neutral-mode' (blue pixel on a greyish background) and finally 'blue-mode' displays. The latter correspond with a classic 'negative-mode'. This kind of displays are back-lighted white and pixels are bright and background is blue. FSTN displays are offered in both modes, 'positiv-mode' and 'negativ-mode'. The color characteristic of a STN cell is hereby neutralized. Hence, pixels are black and background is grey. This kind of cells could be back-lighted using any color you like.


e-paper technology is commonly referred to as "bistable". Bistable means that the image on an e-paper screen will be retained even when all power sources are removed. By contrast, with a traditional LCD, the display is needs to be refreshed around 30X per second, regardless of the whether anything new is being displayed. Bistability significantly reduces the power consumption of displays using e-paper and is a key reason eReaders have such long battery life.

e-paper displays are also referred to as "reflective displays." In an LCD, or "emissive display", light from a backlight is projected through the display towards your eyes. In an e-paper display, no back-light is used; rather, ambient light from the environment is reflected from the surface of the display back to your eyes. As with any reflective surface, the more ambient light, the brighter the display looks. The back-light can also consume up to 40% of the power used in electronic product. Therefore, eliminating the need for a back-light significantly increases the battery life versus using a traditional LCD.

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